19 July, 2011

It's been awhile...

Summer is finally upon us here in the Midwest with scorching heat, extreme heat advisories and a sad knowledge that our Pacific NW brothers and sisters still have yet to see the sun come out. But it's not all bad news! Following, find some great links and stories to lighten whatever burden you may be facing and remind you that there is more good news than bad, if you know where to look. Here's the latest from The Luna Sea Workshop!


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

- Chinese Proverb

FOOD: The George Mateljan Foundation for the World's Healthiest Foods was established by George Mateljan to discover, develop and share scientifically proven information about the benefits of healthy eating, and to provide the personalized support individuals need to make eating The World's Healthiest Foods enjoyable, easy, quick and affordable. Their website WHFoods.com, now has over 100 easy to make and healthy recipes, many of which are no cook or minimally cooked for those out there in heat land, or those that have limited time or resources. Check out their offerings here.


A New super Hero team...and the kick ass ride they're sportin'

What's that you say? I must feed my baby in your bathroom? I must leave your establishment so my child can eat? Oh, no no no....Wrong answer! 

Meet The Milk Truck. A combination of guerilla theater, activism and a little slapstick humor it is the brainchild of Jill Miller - artist and faculty member in the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With funds from the kickstarter project up now, she and her team will buy a truck and put a giant boob on the roof. Yes, they plan to drive it around Pittsburgh for the duration of the biennial exhibition. And yes, there’s a reason for making The Milk Truck - to create a mobile breastfeeding unit that allows mothers to feed their babies in places where they have been discouraged - restaurants, shopping malls, public spaces, etc. Babies should be able to eat anywhere. And everywhere. For more info on the project, visit the website, to donate click here.


The moon and the sea (or in this case, the waterfall)

Feeling low? Not sure where the beauty in the world has gone? Want to see something you may not have known even existed? Maybe you just need to stay up all night! Check out this video featured on Yosemite Nature Notes featuring LUNAR RAINBOWS (aka Moonbows)!  

Read more on this amazing video, and moonbows here.


Free Media for your mind:

Leilah Publications has recently unveiled a web portal for Documents, film, & media all for free download! Included works are: "The Fantastic Planet" (French animated sci-fi 1973 in English), and "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" (1920 silent)!  You can Download or stream these rare films and others via global media FOR FREE! By clicking here. You can visit Leilah Publications on Facebook by clicking here

Mater Mut - The Portland/Olympia based self-described Black Metal / Gothic / Psychedelic band of musical genius (my words) has a full catalogue of Mp3s available on their myspace page. Check them out and crack it open!

For a free dose or Pronoia* and some notes from the Ecstatic Study guide, find words and images to lift you from the drowning depths and bring you back to them deliriously refreshed and dynamically charged. Join Rob Brezsny at the Beauty and Truth lab for this week's offering of universal wisdom (your joyously charged horoscope included at no extra charge!)

*Pronoia - The antidote of Paranoia


To learn more read Pronoia Therapy  or pick up a copy of  Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia, Revised and Expanded: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings by Rob Brezsny

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06 June, 2011

Crazy times.

Luna Sea News takes a look at a few of the interesting pieces that have crossed the feed in the last week. This week we look into women's prisons, the stay at home daughter's movement, Male birth control,  Lies we tell ourselves (and our children) and how to thwart terrorists with cupcakes. Wee! But it doesn't stop there, I've also added three surprise reads at the end just to amuse and inspire, if by amuse and inspire you think of laughing uncomfortably and perhaps pumping a fist or two.

Jump into the sea...


We begin with a look into women's prisons. Apparently, if you are a woman, in prison, you have to stick tampons up your nose to avoid the internal bleeding you are doing getting on the license plates you are making, 'cause you know, you have no rights and internal bleeding isn't really a big deal. And if you do happen to need those tampons for their intended purpose you have to fuck guards to get them if you bleed through more than two a day. I'm not making this up. 

According to a June 4, 2011 article in the Huffington Post "the [California] Department [of corrections] began rationing supplies such as toilet paper, tampons, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste in order to confront its budget crisis, a policy change that led some inmates to turn to prostitution with guards in order to gain access to these basics." Also quoted are pices of an interview with Beverly Henry who, over the course of 12 years "watched hundreds of untreated women die in the Central California Women’s Facility, a sprawling complex in Chowchilla that comprises the largest female prison in the nation." Including the woman (with tampons in her nose to stem the internal bleeding) she helped to the prison clinic who was told to return to work. Within a week, the woman was dead.

Obviously some men up in the big chiars have no idea what it's like to bleed for days, I get that, but basic human dignity is something we are supposed to afford even those we incarcerate. The full story "California Women Prisons: Inmates Face Sexual Abuse, Lack Of Medical Care And Unsanitary Conditions' is worth reading in full, and passing on.
If you are a young woman and don't want to go to Jail where you may be forced into prostitution in order not to be made to sit in your own menstrual blood for hours. A group of zealous young women have,  it seems, have begun a movement to keep you from such a fate. Instead of the chaotic horror of prison, it's a neatly packaged credo not unlike an embryonic, and internally motivated, version of womanhood that was written about in The Handmaid's Tale over 20 years ago.

Bitch Magazine had this to say in the article "House Proud" written by by Gina McGalliard, "The stay-at-home-daughters movement, which is promoted by Vision Forum, encourages young girls and single women to forgo college and outside employment in favor of training as “keepers at home” until they marry. Young women pursuing their own ambitions and goals are viewed as selfish and antifamily; marriage is not a choice or one piece of a larger life plan, but the ultimate goal. Stay-at-home daughters spend their days learning “advanced homemaking” skills, such as cooking and sewing, and other skills that at one time were a necessity—knitting, crocheting, soap- and candle-making. A father is considered his daughter’s authority until he transfers control to her husband." 

Lovely, well at least I know that a man's passions are more worthy of my consideration than my own.  Welcome to the dystopian future! We have arrived. 

Speaking of a man's passions, a scientist in India has "developed [an] injection for men with the intention of neutralising the sperm that are released so they are not able to fertilise the female egg. The scientist claims that all of the men who have so far received the injection have had no side effects at all."

No really! Apparently Euroclinix.net got wind of and released the following article last February showing that there is a distinct possibility that some men (In India, at least) may be able to start taking some responsibility for their offspring making potential.  Whether or not their junk will return to it's pre-polymer glory after 10 years seems to be a bit murky in the details and who knows what those future kids might look like after having various parts of their DNA coated in a polymer while it's wearing off, but it's a start... of something. Click here to read more about the new Male Birth-Control.

Now that we've finally made it down to the bottom of the rabbit hole, lets not forget to grab some cake. This weeks recipe idea comes from the kitchen of TERROR aka an Al-Qeda frequented "... online bomb-making magazine." Which "...has been hacked into by M16 who replaced the deadly instructions with a recipe for making cupcakes." 

This awesome news was in the Daily Telegraph reported via an AOL UK article dated June 3rd. Apparently "When al-Qaeda followers tried to download the 67-page manual they were greeted with garbled computer code inserted by MI6 and GCHQ hackers. When deciphered, the code turned out to be a web page of recipes from U.S. publication "The Best Cupcakes in America." For more on this hilarious story (sadly lacking any actual recipe) visit The June 3rd AOL UK Article.


We can't all be awesome winners like Mi6. But if we all had fun, we all won...right? Well, No. 

"Nobody wins? Bullshit. Somebody does win. There IS always a winner." 

That profound truth, from Nicole Knepper mastermind behind Chicago Now's blog "Moms who drink and swear"   (known as MWDAS to it's loyal fans and lazy reposters) is a great sample of what you'll find in this weeks blog

"If you had fun, you won.....NOT!"

Filed under "Lies we tell ourselves (and our children)" Nicole has expressed this inherent, yet often overlooked, fact more awesomely and bluntly than anyone I've noted in recent history. The "Queen of cussin'"calls bullshit on the idea that if you participate in a thing, you've won even if you are a big fat loser. I like this. It's honest and it leaves room for all of us who suck at some things, to suck at it and realize that losing doesn't always mean winning. Except when it does.

Like when you are "laying in pile on the bedroom floor" after life has fed you a series of mind destroying shit sandwiches. 

But do not despair, rejoice that you can win, even while losing. How is this possible? 

Apparently, according to Julie (JC) Peters,..."there is a goddess from Hindu mythology that teaches us that, in this moment, in this pile on the floor, you are more powerful than you’ve ever been".

This goddess "Akhilanda” means essentially “never not broken.”
In other words, The Always Broken Goddess. 
This is what she looks like:
"But this isn’t the kind of broken that indicates weakness and terror."
Oh, no...

"It’s the kind of broken that tears apart all the stuff that gets us stuck in toxic routines, repeating the same relationships and habits over and over, rather than diving into the scary process of trying something new and unfathomable." Right on and hell yeah. Hope for us blithering on the floor losers. For sure. For more on this magnificent goddess JC has a word or two to add.

and Natlie Imbruglia  has the soundtrack:


15 April, 2011

The Shores

Heavy water


Vittorio Arrigoni R.I.P.

In the beginning...

There was silence. And someone wanted to fill it...and so they did, and they filled it with song...

We danced and listened...

Again silence was revealed in a sad expiration *

Fill the silence, make a song...


or post one in reply...

Oh John, why'd you have to go fall off your porch?